Caving and Golden Circle


Combining caving and the Golden Circle tour gives you a unique
experience of the Icelandic nature. You will see the wonders of the
Icelandic nature while driving through the country site and explore the
underworld wonders of the Icelandic lava fields by visiting the cave,

Leiðarendi (e. The End of the Road) is a 900 meter long lava tube
offering unique rock formations, such as stalactites and shelves. Some
light crawling may be required yet Leiðarendi cave has a rather easy
access to the underworld of Iceland.

The Golden Circle tour is the most popular tourist route in Iceland. We will start at the UNESCO World Heritage Site,
Þingvellir, where Althing,  was established around 930 and at
Þingvellir the two continents, Europe and America, meet. We will also
visit the geothermal active valley Haukadalur where among others the hot
spring geysers Geysir and Strokkur are and check out the waterfall

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